November 25, 2013

getting back together

hi friends. are we still friends? i'm sorry i've been a little distant. i want to blame it on my forced separation from the world of technology (my phone got but really life got in the way. on that note, life has been great since i last checked in.  there have been several dinners, nights out on the town and countless hours spent with my gal pals.

[ love the vibrant colors of my tree ]

to kickoff thanksgiving week let me first say that i'm very thankful this is a short week (although i know it will be filled to the brim with work in these short days and holiday parties, nights out and many many delicious meals with friends and family.  here's to a fabulous week to kick off the festivities.

[ pork gua bao with homemade pickles ]

it's good to be back. here are some snapshots of what i've been up to. and yeah, its mostly food.

[ ribeye oscar with béarnaise on top of grilled asparagus and roasted rosemary potatoes ]
[ sweet potato biscuits with roasted turkey and cranberry sauce | thank gals day ]
[ shrimp & andouille stuffing donuts | thank gals day ]
[ three-cheese mac & cheese flatbread topped with prosciutto | thank gals day ]
[ pumpkin beer soup | thank gals day ]
[ terrible shot of mr sexy back himself, justin timberlake ]
[ pearls and pajamas with my gal pals ]
[ martinis on a night out ]
 until next time...

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