October 25, 2013

its a bone bash

happy friday! last night one of my besties chaired her very first event!  she was selected by the arthritis foundation to co-chair their first (and hopefully annual) bone bash halloween themed fundraiser.  with the help of a small committee they organized selection of the venue, music, decorations, the caterer and secured tables full of silent auction items as well as event and table sponsors. oh, did i mention this was all in a few short months? impressive.  

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among our friends we had antony and cleopatra, lady liberty and uncle sam, piper from orange is the new black, a reno 911 cop, barack and michelle, and jasmine and the genie. we drank the walking dead (signature drink) and brain hemorrhages (signature shot that almost made my head hemorrhage), ate roast beast with a monster mashed potato martini bar and had green slime for dessert before boogieing our bones on the dance floor all night. it was great. she's great. congrats, love!

tonight we have dinner plans at a newly opened japanese hibachi style restaurant called zanmai that was conveniently placed next to the bridge with my absolute favorite view of tulsa.  excited to get some incredible shots of the twinkling tulsa skyline.

until next time...

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