October 9, 2013

all's fair

it's fair time here in oklahoma! or at least it was last week when i was too busy to make a post but anywho....  when i was younger, i don't remember the fair being this exciting thing that came to down each fall. i'm pretty sure my family went once or twice but all of us, except my mom, are generally too scared to ride the rides and i can't even recall searching out adventurous fair food if there was any besides the typical fried treats.

that's all changed since i moved back home after graduation (well i'm still afraid of the rides) and each year my friends and i look forward to attending the free country concerts, trying any new crazy concoctions and most of all people watching.

we kicked off the evening with tastings from local wineries and at a dollar per one ounce serving we co covered the entire state of oklahoma.

this years new foodie attractions were the cheesy bacon bombs, bacon wrapped hot dogs and corn dogs, deep fried fruity pebbles and cricket pizza (wth??? never in my life).  there are a couple staples you just have to have when you visit the fair and after we devoured our traditional corn dog and fried cheese curds, my personal fav, we used to tulsa state fair app (so fancy!) to locate the cheesy bacon bombs and bacon wrapped goodies.

the cheesy bacon bombs were little bits of biscuit and cheese wrapped in bacon and deep fried and the bacon wrapped hot dog was well, a bacon wrapped hot dog. nothing was mind blowing and the fries were beyond awful frozen french fries (which we still finished) but in the end it was still the greasy fair food we crave each year. i think a fun challenge would be to recreate and revamp fair food favorites for a backyard dinner party.  i already have a great recipe for shrimp corn dogs!

until next time...


  1. I can't wait to go to the Texas State Fair! Hello fried EVERYTHING!

    Brooke du jour

    1. The Texas State Fair totally trumps Tulsa haha I can't wait to go back sometime. I hope you had fun!


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