October 19, 2013

busy-ness as usual

wow. the past week and a half may have been the busiest of my life. a birthday party, two concerts, on-site interviews for work, oktoberfest, and a thunder game.  that sentence just made exhausted all over again.  it was a blast but i'd be lying if i said i wasn't relieved it was over.

[ besties at glam jam ]
glam jam was a fabulous time as usual.  actually this year took the cake.  tables were covered in sparkling linens, the champagne was flowing, a popular local food truck, mr. nice guy, was serving up spicy pork tacos and lobster mac and cheese (i'll have to make a separate post about them later, they're one of my favs), and chips were flying at the black jack and craps tables all night. i'm pretty sure we were gambling, drinking and dancing for over 6 hours.

i'm always equally excited and dreadful for concerts during the week.  excited to see a great show of course but knowing the next day will be all but productive.  somehow i went to two this week. on monday and tuesday...never again. 

[ krewella at cain's ]
monday was krewella, an energetic electronic group i was first introduced to at the lights all night festival in dallas over new years last year and tuesday was portugal. the man a folky rock band a friend had an extra ticket to.  i'm a sucker for live music and couldn't pass it up and am happy i decided to rally and go.

[ portugal. the man at cain's ]
wednesday was the first night of oktoberfest.  tulsa actually has one of the largest oktoberfest festivals in the country (and one of my favorite events in tulsa) and every year my company invites our customers to attend corporate night and i get to go!

we leave work early for a happy hour in the penthouse bar of the mayo hotel and are shuttled over in trolleys to the festival where we have our fill of german beer and food and do the chicken dance on tables (i swear its a thing) more times than you can count.  

[ oktoberfest tents ]
the okc thunder came to town thursday night and family and i went to catch glimpses of kevin durant and the rest of the thunder take on the new orleans pelicans at the bok center.  as fun as it is to cheer and watch the thunder in person i have to say seeing them in okc is 100 times more exciting.  unfortunately they lost by 3 this game but i am looking forward to seeing them as they enter regular season play.

[ thunder at the bok ]
tonight we're going back to oktoberfest (told you it was my fav) to use up the last of our food and drink tickets and squeeze in a few more chicken dances.  sunday i expect to be a zombie. brunch may be in order to recap the weeks events. plus i strangely haven't had a mimosa yet this weekend. that needs to be fixed.

until next time...

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