October 10, 2013

decorating dreams

is it really only thursday?? i mean, thank goodness its thursday and not wednesday but i can't be the only one that feels like this week is taking longer than usual (especially when i had monday off...). maybe i'm just cranky after not getting much sleep due to seeing the eagles last night. that was my attempt at a humble brag. i get it, i shouldn't complain. they were amazing and it was free. on to what's helping me survive this day

[ living room ]

i wanted to give y'all (<-- from oklahoma) a peek into my home! i actually can't even go along with that lie. this isn't my home but i would die if it were mine.  the dreamy home in these pictures belongs to sarah yates, a professional photographer and founder of birds of a feather and author of the blog, a house in the hills. along with updates on styling her new home you will find amazing recipes, glimpses into her personal style and snapshots of what her daily inspiration. can i just be her?

[ dining room ]

i actually do believe we have similar taste but she has executed her style farrrr beyond what i have been able to accomplish with my time and money in the year and a half since i purchased my home.  hopefully some day soon all the pieces of my home's puzzle will come together and be able to provide a glimmer of the same inspiration that sarah's beautiful home has for me. until then, try and keep your jaw off the ground as you ogle these shots

[ guest bedroom ]

[ dining room in her previous home ]
[ corner of the living room in her previous home ]
all images are via a house in the hills. i highly recommend you follow her blog to keep up with her house updates, recipes, outfits, just everything really.

until next time...

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