January 23, 2013

caught in a whirlwind

so..it's been a tougher challenge to make time to update this blog than i expected but i still have the intense desire to find the time little by little and have these posts to look back on in the future.  so many social media outlets contain different aspects of my life that it would be nice to use this blog as a way to consolidate it all and emphasize those moments, events, committees, recipes and more that really stand out as the year progresses.

the past couple of weeks i've barely had time to think!  work has been endless and we've had drill team practice for the mlk day parade (ha, yes i'm on my company's drill team).  i have to admit, i'm relieved the parade has passed because i just don't have the time to fit another practice into my schedule.  but the parade was just a fun as last year and our team placed second overall!

i whine that i'm a busy girl but i signed myself up for it and im honestly excited about all the projects i'm involved in this year (i guess i just need a more disciplined bed time...)  i attended the typro's leadership through legislation series on how to effectively communicate with your local and state representatives.  i never took much interest in politics growing up so i'm attempting to be more educated this year.  i helped celebrate my friend courtney's birthday over mexican and margs at senor tequila, had lunch with the executive director of resonance tulsa to discuss joining the committee for their second annual fundraiser, stacked deck, mingled with fellow tulsa's new leader's honorees over champagne and cocktails at saks fifth avenue (where i met some great girls and later went for dinner,) caught up with some more girl friends and finally got to enjoy my favorite burger on the planet at the tavern, saw dr. jeykell and mr. hyde with my friends christy, emily and her parents, and attended the first meeting of the year for arts and entertain crew meeting for the tulsa young professionals

i. need. a. nap. or coma.

what calms me down during long, exhausting weeks like these?  researching and preparing recipes for my sunday pinterest dinners.  this past weekend, like the sunday before i was set on using the proteins that have been occupying my freezer, staring me in the face just asking to be transformed into a delicious meal.  well...ribbit!  

yep, frog legs were calling my name.  i went straight to my pinterest search box and eventually found this recipe from allrecipes.com for crispy frog legs with creamy onion-mushroom gravy.  at first i looked for alternative ways to prepare frog legs because i really didn't want to deep fry but obviously i cave, and for good reason, it's the best way.  and a pleasant surprise in this recipe is that it doesn't even call for a deep fry.  i pan fried the frog legs in a shallow pool of oil (that makes it better right?) the legs were well seasoned and had a great crunch though i wish the gravy came out a little smoother (maybe a puree or less flour next time.)  i paired the frog legs with a light baby arugula side salad with a simple lemon vinaigrette.  it really helped round out heaviness of the meal.

as usual once wednesday rolls around i'm ready for the weekend and this one in particular promises not to disappoint.  plans?  celebratory drinks, trivia night, cooking dinner with friends, 90s cover band and dressing up to chow down at the taste of tulsa fundraiser.

hope you're as excited for the weekend as i am! 

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