January 6, 2013

recovery mode

wow, the first week of year is basically over and let me tell you: i. am. exhausted!  every year i cherish the time when the holidays roll around and i think every year i'm also glad they're over.  i love everyone being home, holiday parties, overeating delicious food, and being away from the office for a few days but boy does all that activity take it out of me.  its been nice to try and get back to a normal routine (and shed those holiday pounds.)  

i think this year i've attempted to make too many resolutions so much so that i dare not list them all.  i don't know what it is about this upcoming year but i just have a desire to improve upon many areas in my life.  don't get me wrong, i lead a wonderful life.  i just think there's always room for improvement.  the goals i want to always keep in the forefront of my mind are:
 - save save save!  i've been terrible at putting money away for rainy days or special purchases or trips and now with my house i'm determined to change that so i can afford to decorate and style my home freely -
 - get involved and speak up.  i guess technically i already am involved (a new voices board internship, the up with trees gala committee, i'm on the arts & entertainment crew for the tulsa young professionals and i'm an honoree for the cystic fibrosis tulsa's new leaders event) but this year i want take a more active role in whatever i'm doing.  i'm a pretty quiet person and sometimes get nervous speaking my mind or voicing my opinions but i think those are necessary characteristics in a leader and i want to be able to have a positive impact on my community - 
 - develop stronger relationships, period.  i'm blessed with great friends and family but unfortunately i feel some of those relationships don't dip much further than surface level.  that's entirely my fault.  this year i want to do a better job at opening up so others have a change to get to know me better and in turn i'll get to know them - 
 - as always, be healthier.  i'd say i'm a decently healthy person, especially during the week days when my schedule is more rigid but those pesky weekends never fail to knock me off course.  dinners out, drinks, brunch.... all things i loveee but that continually have my weight yo-yoing.  here i believe moderation is key.  i will focus on portion control and recognizing when i'm full.  a lofty goal will be to completely eliminate fast food from my diet but you know how that goes.  here's hoping - 

this week on my calendar might be one of the busiest this month so i should wrap this up and catch some zzz's (that falls into the health goal, right?)  but before i go, here's my picture recap of the past week

{ ringing in the new year full circle with lights all night in dallas }

 { required "hip" lights all night shoes }

 { allyson trying on the glow gloves before lights } 

 { i just can't leave dallas without it }

 { raspberry lemon drops with friends }

{ seafood boil at the parents to celebrate the new year }

{ weekend projects } 

{ baked salmon with a chipotle-lime glaze and a garlic, bean mash }

 { surprise party for doyle's twenty fifth birthday }

{ emily and i }

{ talley + christy }                { christy with the blow up pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey }

  { sunday pinterest dinner: buttermilk roasted chicken, sauteed broccoli rabe, 
and a roasted cauliflower puree }

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