October 11, 2013

celebrations & rivalries

this weekend is sure to leave me with some lasting memories.  not only is it almost time for the infamous red river rivalry but its finally glam jam! not familiar? the former might be a little easier to explain. its ou / texas football weekend! you should be well aware of the excitement surrounding this weekend if you reside in either of the states and perhaps surrounding. its a much anticipated weekend full of friends, football and the texas state fair held every year in dallas when the city is temporarily overrun, dotted with burnt orange, crimson, and chants of school spirit. i actually didn't attend either school but being from oklahoma i was drawn into the festivities and made the 4 hour trip to dallas a couple years ago. they should make it a holiday. its amazing.

[ credit unknown ]

this year, however, the rivalry is slightly overshadowed by the second event i mentioned: glam jam. (please do not google "glam jam" to try and find meaning. at least not while at work...)  glam jam is another annual event always held at the beginning of october except there will be no large men trying to kill each other (we hope). its one of my best friends birthday's! if you have the pleasure of knowing her then you understand this is the only appropriate way for her to celebrate. with this year's the evening being vegas themed, it will be filled with tables for craps and blackjack, bottles of wine, beer, and champange, and even a food truck. oh, sparkly country club attire strongly encouraged...

until next time...


  1. I love all of the glitter and sparkles! This sounds like a fun event!


    1. It was a blast! My friend sure knows how to throw a party!


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