October 20, 2013

sticks on sticks on sticks

it's always sad to say goodbye to oktoberfest each year. this year's festival didn't disappoint and i was somehow able to not spend a dime of my own money! love that.

i wasn't even in zombie mode today.  it may have been the breakfast bagel and french vanilla latte from old school bagel cafe that saved the day because afterwards i had the energy to track down these adorable pink taper candles i've seen featured on one of my daily reads, the everygirl (i can't seem to find a picture of now).

i found them at my spot in garden ridge. garden ridge pulled a target on me in that i went in looking for one specific thing and came out $150 poorer and a cart full goodies.  at least the additional goodies were items i've been on the hunt for.  you see, i made this trek for pink candles because on friday i received my order of numi candleholders from cb2 and new i was in  need of a new fall(ish) tablescape. i snagged some mini white pumpkins from the grocery store and voila!

i love how it turned out! of course now i'm itching to plan a dinner party with my cute setting but what else is new.

until next time...

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