October 22, 2013

thankful for my gal pals

every girl (or boy) deserves to be surrounded by a tight knit group of friends that they can talk with, play with, laugh with and especially lean on.  i've been lucky enough to find that bond in probably more than my share of girl friends (ha, sorry not sorry). but i really do appreciate the varying friendships i have with each and every one of them.  without making this a sappy post, my point is that i love having my gal pals around.  and if you've read even one of these posts you will know that my favorite time to spend with them is over a dinner. giving thanks for friendship?  i think that calls for a girls thanksgiving! stretch? who cares...

[ scalloped sweet potato stacks via my recipes ]
i've had girls thanksgivings with friends before and my company puts on a potluck lunch every year but i'm tired of the traditional.  it's not allowed here. you can have your mom's thanksgiving afterwards, girls.  for this dinner party i want to challenge my guests to be creative and think of finger foods and hor d'oeurves inspired by their favorite thanksgiving dishes.

[ thanksgiving turkey sliders with cranberry mustard via my recipes ]
for instance, roasted turkey becomes grilled cranberry glazed turkey skewers, smoked turkey sliders with gravy, or turkey meatballs stuffed with goat cheese and cranberry jam. the ham and mac and cheese turn into a chorizo mac and cheese flat bread.  the green beans transform to chilled green bean puree shooters with spicy panko breadcrumbs (to far?) perhaps you make pancetta apple stuffing donuts to dunk into your gravy??? i'm in love with this party and it hasn't even happened yet.  but it will.  it must.

[ pumpkin bourbon shakes via my recipes ]
can i tell you a secret? i've already dreamed up my ideal brunch if all the dinner puzzle pieces come together. thanksgiving poutine!  poutine is canada's most genius foodie invention(in my opinion): golden french fries topped with creamy cheese curds and delicious gravy.  yum! it's canada's version of cheese fries. my take? crispy sweet potato fries smothered in shredded turkey, cheese (goat or feta?), turkey gravy and a light drizzle of cranberry bbq sauce. oh, and topped off with a fried egg because you know, it's brunch.  sounds like gluttonous thanksgiving leftovers in the perfect dish to me!  i'll be dreaming of other fun inventions until the dinner party comes.  what ideas do you all have for a modern thanksgiving dish? i started a pinterest board for inspiration

until next time...

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